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Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Mark O’Toole

Chairman Emeritus
Thomas A. Kershaw

Terence Ankner
Rick Dimino

Joe DiLorenzo

Paul Sacco

Honorary Chairman
Mayor Martin J. Walsh

Reverend Stephen Ayres

Kenneth Brissette

Phil Budden

Michael Creasey

Emily Curran

Peter S. Farnum

Edward Feather

Emily Bradford Gallup

Gretchen Horton

Joe Lovett

Kathy Kottaridis

John Nucci

Terry Savage

Nat Scheidley

Nathaniel Shick

Larry Zabar

Nina Zannieri

Executive Director
Suzanne Taylor

History Advisory Board
Robert Allison, Ph.D.
Suffolk University

MA Historical Society

William M. Fowler, Ph.D.
Northeastern University

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