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The Freedom Trail Foundation offers several publications that tell the story of Boston’s history. Working closely with its distinguished History Advisory Board, the Foundation has produced much-needed guides to the Trail with historic details and tid bits to make your visit enriching and fun. The special Kids Guide to the Freedom Trail is filled with activities and info for the younger set. Books, maps, audio guides, and a bunch of history-related items can all be found in the store. Click here to check it all out.


The Freedom Trail Pop Up Book

Love Boston, history, architecture, and pop ups? Then The Freedom Trail® Pop Up Book - the 1st ever pop up of Boston - is for you!

This book is engineered and brightly illustrated so each of the 16 historic sites pop off the page. The first of its kind, this completely original pop up book includes 16 architecturally-accurate pop ups, profiles of each of the five historic weathervanes along the trail, and written history about landmarks such as the U.S.S. Constitution and the Old South Meeting House.

The Backstory of Boston's First Pop Up Book 
A little over four years ago Denise Price traveled to Boston and walked The Freedom Trail® for the first time.  She became fascinated with Boston’s history, beauty, and the dedication our city shows in preserving its monuments and landmarks. Toward the end of her trip she searched for a Freedom Trail® souvenir pop up book to add to her collection.  However, she couldn’t find one – not even one about Boston in general! The only pop up book that existed was one of Fenway Park, and it was out of print. So Denise began to create one. She developed a succinct written history about the Freedom Trail and its landmarks, creating full color illustrations and architecturally-accurate pop ups. The book will truly be a one-of-a-kind memento perfect for history lovers, educators, art enthusiasts, and, of course, children

What is in the book?
There are 16 pop ups in the book as well as a selection of movable pieces and full color illustrations. All are painstakingly detailed to echo the architectural splendor of the historically significant buildings of Boston.

They include:

What's Next?
The pop-up book has been funded via a Kickstarter campaign! You can follow its progress to publication on the Facebook page, The Freedom Trail Pop Up Book.

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