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Just for Kids

Here are some resources for young learners. Most are geared for third or fifth grade students.

All kids love the new and fun Mission US – Official Web Game developed in partnership with New York City public television station THIRTEEN.

We also recommend using the This Day In History - short videos found on the Home Page which describe an 18th century historical and revolutionary event for every day of the year - as an entertaining teaching tool.

Have an iPad - then have kids use the NEW and OFFICIAL IPhone app on iTunes.

If you would like other easy-to-read articles about other aspects of the formation of the nation, please let us know.

Articles - written just for kids
Africa's Muse: Black Literature in Early America
Black Jacks: African-American Mariners in Early America
Boston in the Stamp Act Crisis
Brothers in Arms: African-American Soldiers in the American Revolution
The Codman Slaves Plot to Kill their Masters, 1755
Liberty Tree
Long Live The Turtle
The Newspaper in Early America
The Story of Nix's Mate
African American Religion in Early America
Rise and Fall of the Slave Trade Part I
Rise and Fall of the Slave Trade Part II

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